Hello May, my favourite month. There’s nothing like another Week In The Life to start writing again, is there? I am joining in with Ali Edwards‘ documenting project once again to capture the small, everyday moments that makeup me and my family’s life. It’s a rather fascinating project that is always brilliant to look back on. Life may sometimes feel like it doesn’t change, but it does, in small ways that you can hardly notice sometimes.

This Monday is a bank holiday. It’s dreary, cold, and I am really quite hungover. Having had a party the night before, I lie in as much as possible. I’m dreading the huge amount of washing up and tidying from the night before, but hunger and the need for rather a lot of coffee eventually get me out of bed.

We have had a few people stay overnight. A couple of friend’s children had a sleepover and my sister Julia stayed too. The kids are having the nicest time together – it’s not very often we have other kids stay over and Art & Bets are loving the opportunity to play with others who are full of energy first thing in the morning. Dave is napping on the sofa, he’s feeling worse than me. Julia is up when I get downstairs and to my utter delight she has done the majority of the washing up! She is amazing.

Julia and I chat and tidy and make coffee and breakfast. We start the day right – avocado on toast with a poached egg. My favourite breakfast.

That Justice League mug above is over twenty years old! I bought it in the Warner Bros store along Regents Street and it’s been my favourite coffee mug ever since. Last night at the party I dropped it and for a couple of seconds thought I smashed it, but amazingly it survived the drop, I hope it stays intact for a good few more years!

The vast majority of my day is spent in my kitchen. Pottering, tidying, drinking all the coffee. Julia leaves to go back to her family, Sian pops round to pick up her girls. I keep rehydrating and I like my bit of wisdom on my tea bag tag and check my weekly horoscope:

Our living room floor. Arthur and a friend last night made the most impressive train track, this is the toy out of everything we have in the house that still gets played with the most by everyone who lives and visits here.

The rest of the day is super slow. I wander over to the shop to get a couple of essentials and end up also buying carby comfort food. Once home, I make a nest in our little study (I call it the studio, Dave calls it the Dave Cave), feast on bad food and have a nap. Arthur joins me after a bit and we play under the covers, until we pop back downstairs, read school books and get dinner ready.

It’s a nice quick, trouble-free bedtime tonight. Arthur is feeling a bit mechivious and also claims that it’s still morning, but pretty quickly falls asleep next to me after pretending for a bit.

Back to the kitchen for the rest of the evening. I make my lunch for the next couple of days and Dave shaves his beard in the garden. I’m not sure why.

Today has felt like a Sunday and that means that I am not in the right mindset at all for tomorrow, which is going to work. I suspect tomorrow morning is going to be a struggle…


  1. I love your week in the life posts Charlotte. There is something so comforting reading about other people day to day lives. I may be a little presumptive here but was the party for a certain someone’s *special* upcoming birthday?! If so I’ll save the birthday wishes until then but hope you had a jolly good party 🥳

  2. So nice to read about your Bank Holiday Monday. I love America, but it’s refreshing to see familiar things in familiar environments. Good luck with he rest of the WITL.

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