Good morning. We are all super tired today. Getting ready is a little slower than usual.

Books and cereal before Breakfast Club pick-up (and hair brushing).

It’s a working day for me and school for the kids. Betsy has her first ever recorder lesson today. Arthur will have PE and change his book bag books. They both have an after-school yoga class that they LOVE. I will be spending most of the day staring at screens.

A corridor. I go to the farthest possible loo as it’s the only way I get some movement into my day. It’s super hard to leave my desk at any period of time.

Most of today is starting at an Excel document, using it to make corrections to some of the records we have. It’s quite dull and it makes my head hurt by the end of the day (actually, on some of the things I have to do some pretty in-depth investigating and troubleshooting, and that’s cool). A month or so ago, work was manic with Brexit deadlines creeping up on everyone. Now that the leaving date has been pushed back to Halloween (I’m not complaining), Parliament seems to be limping along somewhat. Here are some highlights of the day:



(both of those things were much tastier than they look, FYI)

The commute gives me the opportunity to do two things; 1. Have a nap. 2. Start a new book. I’m only a few pages into Daisy Jones and The Six, but I’m loving it. It feels so real and so cool and I really want there to be a film of the book so I can bask in the LA sunshine.

Once the kids and myself are home, it’s time for dinner. Really simple today – picnic-style food. Prawns, cheese, carrot sticks for the kids, leftover pie from the party (my friend made it for me, it’s delicious), quick pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, cheese and crisps. Food for kings. Maybe. It hits the spot. Betsy reads me one of her school books and tells me about her recorder lesson (“We only learnt one note: B”), Arthur takes a picture of me using my camera. It’s pretty good!

I am as tired as I look.

Dave gets home and the kids drop everything to run to him as soon as they hear the front door open. I love that (and I’m fairly certain Dave does too). He plays a game with them where they jump into Dave’s arms and he spins them around. Game over once Dave starts feeling sick and we all trot off to bed.


  1. I love reading about your day! I chose not to blog words and photos this year, and after reading yours I’m second guessing myself, but pushing on ahead with my new format (IG and saved IG stories). so do you type up transcripts? it sounds ever so interesting!!! (slight tongue in cheek, but working in Parliament sounds pretty bloody interesting).

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