Last day of being in my thirties today, and the weather couldn’t be worse – cold and heavy rain. Proper dreary. I’ve not known another May like it.

Today’s wisdom from Westminster station.

Work is work. There are quite a few committees in the morning and PMQs in the afternoon. I write a quick note to my sister and post a DVD for her boys. I’m most amused at the post office worker’s confusion of the name I put on the envelope, Bec Boc of Bockington, and try to explain it’s a joke for Becky, but he just thinks I’m weird. He’s right!

Later, I walk over the road to our old office and sort out all the things I’ve kept there over the years. I suspect this will be the last time I go into that overly hot basement as other colleagues are moving closer to where I am now. Amongst all the toys kept for when the kids came down when I had no childcare, I found a little matchbox called Abstinence (long story), kept since the day I first met Dave.

It was nice to get out and see some daylight for once though, even if it was hailing at one point. Demonstrators for and against Brexit are still out in force, although now the TV stations have decamped from College Green, they’re not much more spread out across Parliament Square and beyond.

After work, I head up to Alexandra Palace to see Four Tet live. I’ve never seen a show like it – thousands of strings of lights all in a square in the centre of the hall, enabling people to dance inside them, making shapes and changing to the music. Sometimes they looked like a sunset, sometimes like fireworks. Sometimes you felt you were staring into the centre of a galaxy. The music was in surround sound with the bass so heavy it made my nose vibrate. It was magical.

I hadn’t planned on doing anything on the eve of my birthday, and this gig was a happy coincidence, but going to one of the best ever gigs I have ever seen in one of my most favourite places in London made this a most perfect way to end a decade. Just look at my stupid happy face!


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