Friday, I am in love. Fridays are good. They’re the start of the weekend for me and after we drop Betsy off at school Arthur and I always try to do something fun. Today I struggled to think about what to do until Dave suggested we go to Whipsnade zoo. It has been a while since we’ve been there and as it’s only 40 minutes away from us, it’s a good place to pop in for a few hours. I’m also pretty sure Dave suggested the zoo for Week in the Life too – Whipsnade is much more photogenic than the local soft play.

Most days we get ready for school. Betsy is always dressed before anyone. She’s really good at getting herself ready now.

Most days I drive to school. I hate admitting this as I always said to myself that we would always walk, I am hoping that as we are slowly getting ourselves more organised and the weather is warming up and Arthur starts to walk more quickly (or gets a scooter) that we’ll be walking to school more often. Next year I hope to show you the gorgeous footpath we get to walk along! But for now, most days once we are parked up, we look at the flowers as we walk to the gates.

Most days, no, every day, Arthur walks along the little brick wall in the school grounds

Not pictured: Most days, Arthur gives Betsy a HUGE goodbye hug before she goes into class.

Most days Arthur runs up yelling CHEEEEEESE whenever he sees me taking a photo.

Some days he holds my hand as we walk.

Most days we’ll have a train ride whenever we’re at the zoo. I have a train mad boy.

Most days at the zoo we’ll spot some of the wallabies living wild there. Being spring means there are plenty of joeys around too! They are uber cute.

Most days at the zoo we will see Betsy’s favourite animals, the giraffes. Arthur now calls them “Betsy’s giraffes”.

Most days there’ll be a sit down with a drink and cake.

Some days we’ll see a baby animal (can you see the baby lemur’s tail?)

Some days we’ll say hello to the ostrich who likes to follow people around.

Some days we see something new. The African hunting dogs are a new addition to Whipsnade and they are beautiful!

Most days we watch the sea lions swim. It feels magical.

Some days we shake the branches of a blossom filled tree to try to make it snow.

Most days there is a nap.

Some days a den is built.

Most days I fill the dishwasher up.

Some days I do a bit of laundry.

Some days we have take away fish and chips for our dinner.

Most days I make a mess on the dining table.


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