Hello Monday, hello bank holiday, hello last day of our Easter break. I wake up with both children around me, Betsy came in last night after a bad dream and Arthur came in for his milk at about six. Both wonder over to Dave when they realise they could still have chocolate eggs for breakfast and I get a bit of a lie-in. Bliss.

I come downstairs to see Dave showing the kiddos how to play a game on the XBox. The place is a tip, especially the kitchen. But first, coffee.

Breakfast too. Poached eggs this morning. Fancy!

They were AMAZING and perfectly cooked, if I do say so myself.

Time to sort out the house a bit. Washing up, sorting clean laundry, freezing the pizza dough Dave made last night.

Once we’re showered and dressed, we decide to go out for a few hours. We fancied somewhere close to home but something nice to finish the holidays off. Sian mentioned the farm that makes ice cream the other week and it sounded perfect for us.

The farm is great! It’s tiny (just a small field), but the ice cream is good and there are hay bales to play on and an old tractor to pretend to ride.

It being the Easter weekend, there were a few extras too. We got to pet some baby animals (the chicks were surprisingly loud and unsurprisingly terribly soft and incredibly cute), say hello to the baby calf and stroke a lamb and have pony rides. Both Betsy and Arthur couldn’t stop smiling when they had their ride.

Once home, we started preparing for tomorrow. Printing photos and sticking them into Betsy’s scrapbook for school.

I get cooking for tonight’s dinner and prepare my lunches for work.

Dinner is shepherd’s pie using yesterday’s lamb and lunches are a kale salad with a tahini dressing (it’s better than it sounds!)

That pie was very, very tasty.

Everyone ate everything, which is saying a lot!

Early bed for the kiddos tonight, tomorrow will bring the earliest start for them in two weeks and they’re going to need their rest.

Story time. Dave reads them Stick Man. Betsy wears her Stick Lady Love crown from World Book Day.

Dave puts Arthur to bed as he doesn’t want me at the moment (sniff – I am not used to this rejection from him) and I take Betsy to her room where she watches a Cbeebies bedtime story on the iPad. While she watches, I paint my picture for today’s #the100dayproject.

Of course I made a little chick after today. I’m rather pleased with this little guy.

And that’s it for today, once the Boo was asleep I came down here and edited my photos and got this post written. I may watch Rogue One in a bit though. Tomorrow should be interesting, what with photography not being allowed at work, but last year I managed to get given the evils from Theresa May while trying to snap something for WITL, so lets see what other shenanigans I can get up to!

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