Saturday! A gloriously lazy Saturday. How much I love thee, especially when it contains lots of sleep. Although it did also contain a terrible headache, one that took most of the day to shake off.

I used a lot of that stuff.

Dave and I have a brilliant arrangement at the moment, which probably works more in my favour than it dos him. Whenever we need to give the house a really good tidy up, I’ll take the kids out while Dave tidies. Usually when I take the kids out for this, it’s usually food shopping and because tonight we have the FUN CLUB, I’m buying food and gin for people tonight so we head off to the Big Shop. The Big Shop is actually the Sainsburys next to junction 22 on the M25, it’s a 20 minutes drive from us, but it’s the one supermarket that everyone likes going to for some reason. We have a routine. We always park up under the trees near the bus stop. Once out of the car, the kiddos have a run around underneath the trees and spot any buses coming.

We always go to the cafe. We can’t not go to the cafe when we’re there. Betsy and Arthur always share a kids meal bag, Arthur always gets himself a smoothie with it. I don’t always have the same thing, it depends what I fancy. Usually it’s a soup, today because I’m feeling so rough with the headache I’m eating chips. There is always coffee though. Betsy always tries to bagsie a sofa so that she and Arthur can sit on the windowsill looking out at all the cars while they eat their lunch.

I always end up adding a few extra things to the shopping list while we’re there.

Yes, I know Betsy is getting too big for the trolley, but if both of them are in the seats, they are happy and that means I am less stressed. I try to get round the shop as quickly as possible before they get too fidgety. We also always look for any food samples being given out (today we tried some crisps). We have little games – silly games to play where they push me away and I let the trolley drift away, I spin the trolley around, I push them away and watch them glide away from me. Basically anything that involves them moving without me pushing them is a winner and involves lots of giggles.

Eventually we make it out. It takes a while! Both kiddos help to put the shopping on the conveyor belt at the till. Arthur starts off getting a bit confused and puts our broccoli onto the neighbouring till, amusing the person there. But we get there in the end and Betsy and Arthur have another run around under the trees while I load the car. When I get back to the car, it is usual for me to find sticks and stones that have been collected to take home. Today Arthur has found a huge piece of concrete to take back. I hide it back under the trees.

At this moment in time, I am still allowed to listen to my music in the car. I suspect that it won’t last for long.

Back home I help out with the tidying and clean the windows in the front room. They were long overdue a clean and now we can’t stop looking out, it’s like there’s no glass there!

I make a rhubarb puree for drinks tonight.


  • 1 part water
  • 1 part sugar
  • bunch of rhubarb
  • ground ginger
  • lemon juice
  • Cook everything for about 10 minutes until the rhubarb breaks down. Blitz. Mix with gin and top up with tonic water. It’s pretty tasty! Can also be served over ice cream and I think would be rather nice added to lemonade too.

    Pizza made by Dave. It’s SO GOOD.

    FUN CLUB starts! A few friends turn up and we drink and chat a lot and I show everyone how easy it is to make soap (so easy it’s pushing it to be a craft, really) and we also embroider little designs to make into necklaces.

    That rose wasn’t made by me, but I was so impressed that I just had to take a photo. I also thought that photo was perfectly in focus, but I guess by that time of the evening I had my gin goggles on! I had a lot of fun that evening, and I hope others did too, I’d like to do it again at some point. After everyone leaves, I know I’m a bit drunk because Dave doesn’t stop laughing at me. I go to bed after drinking a very large glass of water.

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