It’s always a bit bittersweet on the last day of this project. It’s flipping wonderful recording all the little stories that normally get missed, but flipping heck is it exhausting. It shouldn’t be, but it is and by the time Sunday rolls around I am done with carrying my camera around everywhere. There are definitely less stories being told today.

I sleep in again and am only slightly foggy after last night. Everyone is taking it easy this morning and the kiddos and Dave are just watching a bit of telly when I come down. Dave has left me all the washing up from last night to do, which is fair enough.

Come the afternoon it’s time for us to head off to Betsy’s school for the family bingo event. Not a huge amount of families turn up for it which is disappointing for the school, but we rather like it. There’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Betsy runs into her friend, the sun is shining and everyone is happy. We all eat hot dogs in the field. The kids get wheelbarrow rides from Dave.

By the time we finishing playing bingo, all the kids have left and are playing outside, most of them playing with Dave! Typically we are the only family who don’t win a game, we have the worst luck!

Dave decides after bingo that we’re all in need of ice lollies so we all sit in the garden having one. I also have a potter around the garden and have a look at what’s growing and do a bit of weeding. It’s not looking too bad out there.

Above is the wild garlic. I planted this last year after digging it up from a friends’ garden before they moved to Glastonbury. It was flowering when they moved and seeing it now reminds me again. We’ve only seen them once and need to see them more. I miss their faces around here.

Dinner and then prep for school tomorrow. Re-reading the books Betsy takes home and entering it into her journal. Reading books is the only form of homework she gets at the moment, I suspect we’re going to get a bit of a shock when she starts Year 1 and we get actual, proper homework.

The rest of the evening is spent putting Arthur to bed, trying to not fall asleep next to him and then editing photos. Goodbye, Week in the Life 17! You’ve been a good one. Here’s what I’ve spent the week listening to:

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