Oh, hi Tuesday! I was dreading this morning if I’m honest. The first day back to school and work? No one would get up in time. We’d all be late and stressed. But actually it wasn’t so bad. It was sunny and bright!

(I love this view from the kitchen window)

While Dave gets Arthur dressed, I make myself a ginger and lemon water and a smoothie to take into work. Eventually the kiddos come down for breakfast. Cornflakes for Arthur, Cheerios for Betsy.

I leave the house earlier than usual because it’s the first day back after the bank holiday. I was expecting Monday morning type blues today, but the sunshine has got me in a good mood and it feels good to be back in Westminster.

I’m the first into the office which is very unusual! Smoothie drunk, emails checked.

Once people are in, we go about making sure everything works after the recess and discover the sound monitoring has gone a bit funny. Things start to settle though when we hear the PM will be delivering a statement outside Downing Street.

Was not expecting that! I’m still not sure what to think, actually. The news these days just makes me anxious and I’m struggling to see any good in anything at the moment.

(I bloody love our family Whatsapp group)

I struggle to get any work done because of the news. Lots of committees cancel their meetings because of the news. I try to persuade Dave to do some more campaigning for the Lib Dems (he’s a member)

I pop to the canteen for a soup run. It’s a pretty walk:

Rest of work is quiet and uneventful. Much coffee is consumed. I don’t think I leave my desk actually until I go home.  I get cross with a tourist on the Tube because he keeps wanting to get a bit *too* close to me.

When I get home, the in-laws and the kids are waiting for me outside. Arthur runs towards me and gives me a huge hug. We get inside and the kids chill while I load the dishwasher and get dinner going (it’s a simple one today. Pasta – we’re too tired for anything else.) Betsy got given some sweets at school and she shares them with Arthur.

The kiddos have a go with my DSLR and take a few photos, a couple are deffo going to make the final WITL album!

“Say cheese, magazine” says Arthur.

Bedtime. Once in pajamas, we watch the new Sarah and Duck episode. It’s my turn to put Art to bed and we snuggle until he falls asleep.


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