I had a big clear out of our freezer and listed everything we have earlier today. We have a lot of stuff! And we don’t use a lot of it, we are very guilty of popping into the shop on the way home from work and picking something up and this always ends up with food wastage and it’s not cheap either. But no more! Or at least for this week, for I have meal planned and by posting it here it makes me a bit more accountable. Meal planning is great – you produce less food waste, save money and dinner gets on the table more quickly as you know exactly what you’re going to cook. Weekend meals are only suggestions, it all depends on what we do on that day. I’m personally veering on more and more vegetarian meals these days, but this week is a lot meatier as I’m just trying to use up some of the stuff in the freezer!

Monday – Fish Pie (the cod’s already in the oven)
Tuesday – Lamb casserole (cooked in the slow cooker)
Wednesday – Fish fingers and beans
Thursday – Pasta, meatballs and tomato sauce
Friday – Homemade pizza
Saturday – Roast pork belly and all the trimmings
Sunday – We have a party in the afternoon, so something light.

I also have baking plans for this week too. I have a load of pumpkin puree I made from the Halloween pumpkins so I may make a pie on Friday. Also, I think this weekend will be a good one to make our Christmas pudding and cake. Exciting!


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