It’s half term! Hooray! We have all been very much looking forward to this week and although I am still working for two days, it still feels a little slower and more relaxed, so this week’s meal plan has dinners that are a little different for us. I just hope the kiddos eat them, they seem to have got a little fussier recently when it comes to food. UGH. Annoying.

Monday – Pea risotto
Tuesday – It’s pancake day! It’s pancake day! It’s p-p-p-p-p-p-pancake day! ALL the pancakes today. I’ll do a mushroom, Stilton and spinach filling for me, but I suspect the kids will just want lemon and sugar, which is fine, I’ll make sure they get a good (healthy) lunch.
Wednesday – Ginger stir-fry pork with noodles (I’m not eating meat at the moment, so I’ll have something a bit different. Tofu, if I remember to buy it tomorrow)
Thursday – Cauliflower buffalo wings. This is the dinner I fear no one will touch bar me. They’re bloody delicious though and I think the whole family would really like if they got over their aversion over new things (Dave included). Recipe is based on this one, but will be a little less spicy.
Friday – It’s Chinese new year! so we’re, um, having pizza beans from Smitten Kitchen. I would LOVE to have a big Chinese feast this night, but I’d be the only one to eat it so comfort it is.

What are you cooking this week? Are you eating nothing but pancakes on Tuesday? What do you have as a filling? And are you eating Chinese on Friday and celebrating valentines on Thursday with a special dinner (we are not)? Or are you, as I’m rather tempted to do if the cauliflower bites spark a riot, going to buy one of the £20 valentines dinners from Waitrose and be done with it? So many questions! Have a super week!


  1. Lovely pea risotto, this has to be a favourite meal of ours! I also love cauliflower so would love the buffalo wings but like you only me and 1 of the kids will eat it so we’d have plenty for the 2 of us! Thank you for sharing with #MealPlanningMonday x

  2. Could you post cauliflower buffalo wings recipe? Sounds intriguing! For Valentine’s I literally got as far as the till at marks n spencers with their £20 meal- but I looked at the basket and realised how much packaging was involved and palm oil too 🙁 so I went and put it all back. We ended up getting domino’s… not sure if that’s any better but could at least recycle the pizza boxes!!

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