Meal times are getting a little tricky here at the moment. I’m vegetarian and trying to eat more healthily, Dave is still very much Meat & Potato Man, and the kiddos may or may not eat what’s in front of them depending on whether it’s a full moon or not (I’m only slightly joking about the moon). Meal planning fell by the way-side for a few months and boy did I feel it. Always a mad rush to produce something on school days, always a bit stressful and not very enjoyable. This week is rather busy and I want to be really organised (okay, fairly organised) so for the first time in forever, here’s what we’re eating:

Monday – POSSIBLE PUB DINNER. We have a kids party this afternoon and I think the plan is to go to our local carvery (#classy), sit in the garden, drink a cider (to kick off my birthday week, obvs) and grab something to eat. However, I suspect everyone is going to be too tired for that and so we may be having quesadilla with black beans (for me) and chicken (for Dave and the kids) with all the cheese instead.

Tuesday – Back to school and work so everyone is going to be knackered by the end of the day. Pasta (courgetti for me) with home-made tomato and basil sauce that’s sitting in the freezer.

Wednesday – Toad in the hole with veggie sausages. A friend cooked me some of Cauldron Lincolnshire sausages the other week and I was seriously impressed with how good these were. I am not a fan of meat substitutes, but these are good. This is going to be the first time Dave tries them, will he be impressed? I will let you know next week!

Thursday – I am hoping to have a couple of drinks after work so Dave gets what he really wants – burnt ends (really soft, slow cooked chunks of meat). If I don’t make it out, I’ll fry off some tempeh and have with lots of veggies.

Friday – Chicken burgers for Dave and the kids (keeping it simple, I’m using some breaded fillets in the freezer as the burger). I really fancy making this smoky tempeh black bean burger from Full of Plants for myself.

Saturday – Eurovision party! All the party food that evening then

What are you making for dinner this week?

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