Today I am thirty eight. Happy birthday to me! I am okay about this age, I find myself mostly happier and more content with every passing year, although there is still a small child in me saying ” but 40 is ancient!”

I thought it would be nice to write a list of aims to complete before I hit the big 4 0. As it’s my birthday, this list is totally selfish and materialistic, but if you can’t be totally selfish and materialistic on your birthday, when can you? Everything here should be achievable in two years. As much as I’d love to learn to ski and see the northern lights, they’re not going to happen in the near future. Although I will be very surprised if item number one happens, that’s a very optimistic dream!


1.Fly to New York

2. Have a holiday with just Dave and the kiddos (something we’ve not done since Boo was six months old)

3. See the Lake District again

4. Visit friends in Bergen, Norway

5. Get to a weekend festival (Green Man or Blue Dot)

6. Visit friends in Glastonbury

7. Get a really cheap train ticket to a random location in the UK and explore it.

8. Go camping

9. Have a day out in Brighton

Food and Drink

Drink at:

10. Callooh Callay

11. Nightjar

12. Zetter Townhouse

Eat at:

13. Dinerama

14. Grain Store

15. Polpo

16. Have breakfast at The Wolseley

17. Explore Broadway market and eat all the food and drink all the drink.

And also:

18. Learn to make pasta

19. Take a butchery class


 Family and home

20. Have an evening out with Dave and not worry about rushing home early to the kiddos

21. Get another cat

22. Get that back bit in the garden sorted and build a raised bed to grow vegetables.

23. Host a massive party

Just for me

24. Upgrade to a full frame camera

25. Get a tattoo

26. Run 5k

27. Complete a mindfulness course

28. Read 20 books

29. Have a spa day

30. Ride a horse


31. Go on a creative retreat

32. Sell something on Etsy

33. Learn to crochet a granny square and start a blanket.

34. Sew a dress…

35. …and finish sewing the two skirts I have on the go


36. Visit Warner Bros. Studio tour

37. Get to an art exhibition in Tate Britain

38. Visit Kew Gardens

39. Have a good nosey around the Wellcome Collection

40. Visit the British Museum again (I’ve not been in years)

…And bonus aim, blog about it all! Maybe.

There are way more things that could be on this list, loads more bars (Cahoots!), a ton of food to eat (St John doughnuts!) all the places in London (God’s Own Junkyard! William Morris Museum! And that’s just the two in Walthamstow!) and all the things I want to do with Betsy and Arthur (take them to the theatre! Go on a boat trip!). Don’t be surprised to see a 50 things to do before I’m 50 in a couple of years time!






  1. Happy birthday! I love this idea! Though I’ll have to make mine “50 things to do before I’m 50” since I’m already 40. (Good Lord. Looking at that “50” on the page makes me feel so old!) I love all of your travel ambitions. I hope you make it to New York. I LOVE New York. Wonderful city! #thelistlinky

  2. Oh I love this list and wish I’d written one before I turned 40! And by the way being in your 40s is just the absolute best! Love the read 20 books (doesn’t blogging get in the way!), getting a cheap ticket and exploring a town. There are so many beautiful places in the UK that I want to see. Good luck with this list lovely xx #MarvMondays

  3. Happy birthday! What a great list, I’m a sucker for them – currently on my 3rd “101 things to do in 1001 days” list myself! Have fun ticking things off.

  4. Fab list! Kew Gardens is lovely. I went a few weeks ago. If you want to aim really big, have a look at Day Zero Project….101 things in 1001 days! Hard going, but great fun!

  5. Hi Charlotte, you’re right if you can’t be selfish and materialistic on your birthday when can you be?
    I love this list and everything is completely doable before you are forty! I hope you had a fantastic 38th birthday and now the countdown begins!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

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