Last week, I was invited by Huggies Pull-Ups to learn about potty training at Surrey Docks Farm. I have to admit to never hearing of this place until last week, but I am so glad I do. It’s a small green oasis in a very urban area and it makes for a great day out. We met some other bloggers over coffee and cake and then took a trip over to the massive converted American school bus to learn about Huggies and potty training.






I have to admit Betsy has been nappy free for a while now – it was a pretty easy ride for us, we took it very slowly and it seemed to be a very easy thing for her to do, especially when it came to being dry during the day. Night was a bit different as after a while Betsy refused to wear nappies in bed but would still have accidents which led to many changes of bed linen in the middle of the night. She got there eventually though. Dave was the one who mostly guided Betsy as I was too pregnant and genuinely too anxious about the whole process. We didn’t use pull ups, and I kind of wish we had. The Huggies Pull-Ups are different enough to the nappies we normally use that I think Betsy would have accepted wearing them in bed and we would have prevented a good few weeks of her waking up and being very upset. We will definitely consider them for when Arthur starts his potty training.

We then got taken on a tour around the farm. Betsy got to sit inside a rabbit hutch with some enormous bunnies, stroke a donkey, be up close to a turkey and turkey chicks and see many other farm animals. She had a whale of a time.









We were also given the most amazing lunch cooked by the onsite cafe, Piccalilli Caff, which we ate on the banks of the river Thames. The rest of the cafe’s menu looks amazing too.



It’s well worth having a good explore of the farm as there’s so much to see. There’s a blacksmith on site, and lots of vegetable beds and flowers amongst everything making a very inspirational place for me to think about my garden. It’s quite a bt of a trip for us to get to from Enfield, but so worth it. We’ll be there again soon.




Many thanks to HUGGIES for the most excellent day out and the goodie bag too. You can visit their Pull-Ups bus at the Manchester Baby and Toddler Show this weekend.

More info about Surrey Docks Farm HERE.

As ever, all views are my own.

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