I LOVE how short February is. By the time this month rolls around, I am DONE with winter. I like seeing the little shoots of flowers everywhere, but gosh, COME ONE SPRING. Although I have to admit that this snow we’ve just had has been amazing. We’ve not had it so bad here – just enough to make everywhere pretty, but not quite enough to disrupt transport. If winter was like that all the time, I’d be very happy. But as the snow melts, here’s a quick recap from our month.


Some lovely new to me old tracks in this month’s Spotify list, especially no. 7, Playing it Cool.

Podcast wise I have discovered the lovely Courage & Spice, a podcast all about self-doubt. It’s fascinating, uplifting and a good boost for the soul.


This month’s book club book was The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. Never could a book be more perfect for this time of year. I was rather upset that I finished this book before it snowed as this book evokes the hard northern Russian winter so well you find yourself shivering and needing to sit by a fire. It’s a fairy tale full of magic where and the main character Vasya is spunky and clever in a world where the old pagan beliefs are being pushed away by Christianity. It’s gripping and I LOVED it.


We have not ventured far this month, preferring to stay in from the cold. We did manage our first trip to Whipsnade zoo where we got the steam train ride to ourselves (because it was pouring with rain) and spent plenty of time watching the sea lions swim past.

I also managed to few long walks by myself in our local area, which was lovely, exploring some parks and getting very muddy.

Betsy came into work with me one day over half term. She’s a good office buddy to have around and I get to leave a bit early too (and then we jumped onto a boat and sailed to Greenwich. It was a super day)

At home

We have been reading, crafting, baking and watching a lot of things on the iPad. The kiddos have got really into Tinga Tinga Tales recently. We celebrated Imbolc and lighted all the candles and ate a lot of cheese and I baked a seed cake. It was good! I remember my mum making seed cakes when I was little, it was nice to introduce it to my children. (I used Nigel Slater’s recipe. It’s just how I remember it!)

I also took a ten day free Pilates course from off the YouTube at home which was lovely, it was just the thing I needed and off the back of it, I have booked on to a barre class (of which I will probably talk about in March). My muscles ache.


Did I mentioned the snow? I don’t think that there is anything that puts me in such a child like state of wonder and christmas. I realise we got it much easier than other in the country, but gosh, it was wonderful.

Hope you are having a good month!


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Especially your snowy ones. We luckily only had heavy snow for two days down here in Cornwall and then it all melted, so we got to enjoy it while it lasted, have a few days off of school and work but not have the complete hassle of being unable to use the roads for long thankfully.

    Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved.

  2. The photos you’ve shared of the snow are just stunning, especially the second one – so picturesque. It sounds like February has been quite kind to you; I hope the same can be said for the month of March #MMBC

  3. I’m glad that Feb is such a short month,, especially since January seemed to last forever this year. Some signs of spring would be very welcome here too. The book you are reading sounds very good #mmbc

  4. I really can’t believe how much snow we have had this year. As I sit and type this I am looking through my window and seeing fields covered in a snowy blanket and it is still falling, just crazy!

    I do enjoy a good walk at this time of year. Although it is quite muddy, it is always nice to get back home afterwards and have a nice hot cuppa.

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Hope to see you tomorrow x

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