Well gosh darn, it’s been a while. It’s been a very long while since I have written a proper post and I thought I’d give you an update on what we’ve been up to here in merrie olde Enfielde.

But before I give you a photo dump, just to let you know this here blog has changed. Have you noticed? Appearance wise it’s not much different, but Baking Betsy has gone and She Sees is the new name, something more in keeping to what this place is about. Baking Betsy was fun, but not really the right fit. I hope you like it! By the way – follow me over on Bloglovin – I managed to delete the old Baking Betsy profile and I think you have to follow again if you want to catch up on a feeder. It turns out that changing name is a massive ballache and I’m sure there’s loads more to do (hello, newsletter subscribers!), but I think it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

Let’s start this catch up in May. I had my birthday, Arthur had his, we visited Monski Mouse in London Wonderground’s Baby Disco Dance Hall (she is there most Sunday’s until the end of September and is also playing at Edinburgh Fringe. Go!)

We also travelled down to Wimbledon to the wonderful Polka theatre to watch the new Sarah and Duck play. WE are all big fans of Sarah & Duck, and the play didn’t disappoint at all. I was so excited about the whole thing I cried through most of the first half.


We had a half term trip with friends to Capel Manor where I spotted Betsy trying to do some meditating next to a fountain in the Japanese garden. I literally have know idea where she got that from, but it’s bloody awesome.

We also had a little explore around the Queen’s House in Greenwich which is rather lovely, although I think the works of art were lost on the kiddos. We all liked the Tulip stairs though.

Oh! And Arthur started nursery and we all went on a colourwalk which was marvellous fun and I will blog about one day.

I think are the major things that have happened. Or a least these are the things that have happened that I have recorded. I got very disillusioned about everything not that long ago and it was a struggle to find enthusiasm in anything – photography fell by the wayside and blogging more so – I could not see the point in doing anything. But slowly, I have been feeling the itch again, the itch to create quite nice images and share them here. Hopefully I’ll be writing here much more often – I have so many ideas and things to show you at the moment!


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