Hello, hello and welcome to another edition of Cheery Things, my irregular series of nice (sometimes not nice, but interesting or important) things I’ve spied on the internet. Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.


1. Puffin print dress from the always good (and cheap!) Lindy Bop.
2. Flipping gorgeous Jonathan Adler chair (with a price to match too)
3. Bats aren’t just for Halloween you know.
4. Likewise, this Hell Bunny skulls and crossbones jumper is for all winter and not just for Christmas!
5. This gorgeous diary makes me want to get all organised.
6. A foxy blaze of glory.
7. A parrot print. A parrot print. A parrot print!

Reading material:

  • I love the idea of Hygge. Here’s a good guide to it
  • The most amazing piece of architecture.
  • Pakistan’s first female truck driver
  • The dream of having humans on Mars
  • 7 blockbuster movies that look completely daft without CGI
  • Brangelina Is Dead; Long Live Angelina. Could not stop reading this, it’s actually fascinating.
  • Going to make this for my dinner this week
  • …and drinking this
  • Have a good week, y’all!


    1. Charlotte I LOVE the puffin dress. They have to be in my top 5 favourite feathery friends and that diary gives me goosebumps. It’s beautiful. Currently reading ‘The year of living Danishly’ and craving some hygge in my life! Enjoy your Tunisian chickpea stew and autumnal mulled pear cocktail this week.

    2. I love Lindy Bop, I really need to buy some of their beautiful pieces, although being petite, I’ll need to get the tape measure out first. I am completely in love with the Puffin Dress though x #MMBC

    3. This is the first time I’ve come across your site and love the idea of your ‘cheery things’ regular posts. It certainly beats window shopping (and someone may just buy them for you…Christmas coming up and all that!) I love the parrot print. Amazing! It’s right up there with my love of flamingos at the moment. Fab job on putting this all together so professionally too. #MarvMondays

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