Ah, Sunday. The day of rest and relaxation. Except I’ll be dealing with two kids with a sugar hangover after an excellent party yesterday and we’re sorting out the downstairs loo which we have discovered has a leak and as a result of this we are now growing mushrooms in the cupboard under the stairs. This is all kind of wrong and I’m really creeped out that fungi growing is even happening, but I still can’t help wondering if the mushrooms would be edible? (Don’t worry, I’m not going to try). So a trip to a DIY store for a new pipe and a jolly good clean for us today. FUN TIMES. Cheery things - nice and interesting things to look at 1. Wonderful fat cat print by Helen Dardik. 2. If my cat would let me put a collar on him, I’d totally get this for us. 3. This Coco Fennell dress is all kinds of perfect and it’s on sale! Hooray! But it still costs just under a hundred quid. Boo! 4. More moons! Gorgeous necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity. 5. Lovey little planters by OH NO Rachio! (which is the best brand name EVER) 6. Dinosaur necklace! I think if I ended up wearing this I’d end up sounding like George Pig though. 7. Flamingo clutch bag. Can’t get enough of flamingos at the moment, they’re a super summery birds aren’t they? Them and parrots. Things to read today if you’re not bleaching your carpet to get rid of spores:

  • RIP Barry Scott
  • The case for kisses and ways to squeeze more in
  • Can someone lend me thirty grand, please? I want to buy this car
  • A brilliant tribute mix of Beck’s Odelay (thanks for the heads up, Fox!)
  • A giant, wearable cat head? Yes please.
  • The most gorgeous garden retreat
  • Nice quick craft to make
  • If Malcolm Tucker’s Sweary Quotes Were “Winnie The Pooh” Comics
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