Dave turns 40 tomorrow. Happy birthday, Dave! I think this weekend we will mostly be eating and drinking. I’m really looking forward to it myself. We’re seeing a bunch of friends we’ve not seen for a good year on Saturday and I’m cooking some tapas, then we have a pub lunch on Sunday with Dave’s family. It’s going to be awesome! (Everything is Awesome!!!). Here’s a few things I would love to get Dave for his birthday had money been no object.

cheery things 6 Baking Betsy

1. Lion cufflinks.
2. Tom Baker-era Dr Who scarf.
3. Electric blue fedora from Bates Gentleman’s Hatter.
4. Octopus hip flask.
5. Vintage map of Scandinavia.
6. VW Transporter Campervan.

One day, Dave, one day!

When I were tiny, my mum used to buy these boxes of dried whitebait to give to the cats. It was the stinkiest, fishiest box of fish you will ever come across, but the thing I will always remember is that she always sang “fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads” while giving them out to the cats. It’s stuck so much in my mind that I’ve ended up singing it to Ian and Betsy. I don’t have a stinky box of fish, it just gets sung randomly from time to time. Anyway, there was this interesting little piece on Gizmodo about how embroidery patterns look a bit like music box scores and if the patterns got turned into scores, what would they sound like? The answer is quite nice. Anyway, through a comment on that page (which I can no longer find), I came across the video for Fish Heads! I’ve been listening to it a lot since and now you can too! The song proper starts at 2.04. It’s good!

Talking of slightly strange music, there’s some new Aphex Twin, nice.

That’ll do for this week. Hope you have a fab weekend!


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