In two weekends time I will be attending Blogtacular, a conference about blogging for creative types. I’m not sure if I’m quite creative enough to really go, but the line up of speakers and workshops are too good to miss – and there’s a party hosted by Pinterest! And a dinner with everyone the night before! And a photowalk at seven in the morning! I think I’m going to come home very, very tired, but also super inspired. I’m so excited to stand in the corner of a room too shy to say hello chat to some of my favourite bloggers that every day I do a little squee every time I think about it. To celebrate, here’s a few things for sale from some of the people who will either be speaking, selling or are a sponsor at Blogtacular. I’m also going to come away from this conference very poor too!

Cheery Things Blogtacular Special 01
1. Beautiful Cat from Poppy’s Papercuts
2 & 3. Whistlejacket by Stubbs iron-on transfer and London pop-up card by Jennie Maizels
4 & 5. Iconic 2 Way pastel pen set and floral weekly desk planner from The Hambledon.

Cheery Things Blogtacular Special 02
1. Swallow banner stamp from Lollipop
2. Happy sad rainbow necklace by Lucky Dip Club
3. Whale ring holder from West Elm
4. Fox post earrings by And Smile
5. Fabric crown from Bambino goodies


Some (non-blogtacular related) internet reads for the weekend for you:

  • Post general election colouring-in
  • How photo filters affect online engagement
  • I fooled millions into thinking chocolate helps weight loss. This is a fascinating read.
  • Reality doesn’t exist until we measure it.
  • For those who haven’t read it yet, Alistair Campbell’s piece on Charles Kennedy is superb and touching and a great tribute. I met him once (Charles Kennedy, not Alistair Campbell) and he was one of the nicest, politest MPs to wander down to our offices and I found myself rather starstruck in his presence. He will be missed by many, really was one of the good guys in Parliament.

    Have a good weekend everyone!


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