December Daily day 2&3 | BakingBetsy

Well Wednesday was a bit odd. All around work were protesters demonstrating about the debate to bomb Syria. I think we all knew that the Commons would pass the motion though, and in our office we were all pretty glum about the whole thing. I know something has to be done about IS, and I don’t know what exactly, but I don’t think airstrikes is really the way to go, is it? Anyway, another colleague decided to decorate our basement office with Christmas decorations. It’s still a bit early for me, but there really is something about fairy lights that bring a bit of cheer, isn’t there? Much needed cheer too.

December Daily

I bloody love this girl.

December Daily

It’s quite hard to work while you have fairy lights wrapped around your head. True fact!

Walked to Victoria to catch the tube home and stumbled across a little Christmas market next to Westminster Cathedral. The big Christmas tree was getting its lights switched on that night and as well as the market there were a few street performers too, including these sparkly women walking on stilts. (I’m also incredibly pleased with how this photo came out)

December Daily

No photo for day three, it was a very normal, run of the mill day at work and there will be plenty of opportunities to record that later on in the month. Instead I wrote a list of the nice things that happened that day. To save you having to read my handwriting they were:

  • A funny note to Betsy from the elves (I totally failed to do anything so Dave took over and nailed it).
  • A seat on the train.
  • Crocheting while working (it helps me focus!)
  • Finding a packet of biscuits in my desk drawer.
  • Arthur running towards me with glee when he comes home.
  • Boo and Art playing together
  • Watching new episodes of Sarah and Duck.
  • The kindness of amazing friends.
  • December Daily day 2&3 | BakingBetsy

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