December Daily, Day 1 |

And so it begins.

I was looking after Arthur in the morning and we started our Christmas cake. All we did was measure out the dried fruit and stem ginger and mix them up with some rum and orange juice for them to soak overnight. Simple, but Art loved to sit on the counter and watch. He had a try of all the food (not the rum, obv) and prunes came out top. He loved nibbling them and helping to put the fruit onto the scales for measuring (usually after nibbling them). I’d also received the odd hug from him too. I think he was having a nice time 🙂

Interestingly, this wasn’t the story I had planned for today. I would have put money on the first story being about our Christmas elves, but we were in such a rush to get to nursery that Betsy didn’t notice them until the evening while I was still at work. I will get them into the album at some point though, Betsy is really enamoured with them.

I took the layout really simply, I was really thrown by the non-appearance of the elves (which I had a really good layout idea for the album). For quickness sake, I wrote the journalling onto the 1 card with my fountain pen. My handwriting is such a scrawl, but if I want to get this album on time then that’s the way I need to go! (I’m sure that in many years to come when this album is looked at (I hope), then seeing handwriting will be brilliant) I just added some enamel and woodchip stars to the photo of the fruit. I don’t really like it and I may have a play one day and maybe do something different. I’m kicking myself I didn’t take any photos of Arthur on the counter though as that is the story rather then the food itself. Pretty sure there will be more opportunities for that though, and this whole project is pretty much a much needed crash course in scrapbooking. Onwards and upwards!

December Daily, Day 1 |

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