December Daily 2015 - letter to my children

December Daily 2015 - letter to my children

‘Twas the night before December and this is the first page proper of my December Daily album. I wrote a letter to Art and Boo. Partly as an introduction of why I’m doing this album, but mostly because I’ve been really lax at writing to them.

December Daily 2015 - letter to my children

December Daily 2015 - letter to my children

The letter is printed onto a piece of paper that’s been folded and stuck onto a 4×6 card. There’s probably a more elegant way of doing this, but I rather like the square of patterned paper, wooden snowflake and stamping on the top so it will do. Above are pictures of the kids, taken at the local parade of lights/town centre tree lights switch-on thingy which we attend every year and it rather kicks off the christmassy celebrations (and this year we remembered to bring mulled cider along with us, perfect for the really quite stormy conditions yesterday. Jolly good fun though). I am going to struggle with these 2×2 pockets during the month, I just know it, but I’m happy with how this turned out. Really looking forward with starting the month now. Apologies for the poor quality photos, photographing pages is hard at night and v little chance of doing it during the day.

Here’s the letter I wrote:

Dear Betsy and Arthur,

Merry Christmas!

OK, it is not quite Christmas yet, as you keep telling me Betsy, but I’m rather excited for it and Advent is about to start. As I write this, I can hear you both playing with Dada downstairs. I can hear little excited shrieks, I suspect you’re playing with the train set, although you could be playing Plants v Zombies on the computer.

It’s been a bit of a funny old year. We’ve struggled a bit with cash and I’ve struggled a bit with being a parent and I feel I’ve not been able to provide as much as you would like. I went back to work this year and I miss you both so much when I’m there, I’d be with you every day if I could. I wish I could have given you both more classes. Betsy I think you would love some proper swimming lessons and Art, you’d love Tumble Tots I think, but hopefully all the exploring in woods and trips into London have been good alternatives. I hope you have been mostly happy this year though, we have done a lot of fun things together.

Betsy you have discovered that you love going into my work, you have more enthusiasm for that basement than me and my colleagues put together. You are kind and thoughtful. Last week you told me you became friends with a girl in nursery because no one else has. You love to draw and your flowers are super! You are looking forward to Christmas, but it’s too early to put lights up yet according to you (quite right, it is still November), but you are constantly singing Christmas carols, mainly because you are practising for your nursery’s Christmas show. You keep wishing Father Christmas will bring you “a lovely watering can”.

Arthur, you are sweet and affectionate. You love to give me hugs, big bear hugs, and you seem most contented when you are close by me or Dada. You love sitting on the kitchen counter watching me cook. You LOVE spotting buses while we’re out and you always point them out to me. Trains are your favourite toys and you spent a 20 minute car journey recently happily holding a picture of a stream train and shouting “choo choo!” every now and then. You have no idea Christmas is coming, but I can’t wait to show you all the twinkling lights and watch your little face stare in awe.

I hope you both have an amazing Christmas and December. Sometimes it feels as though the world is aching in pain and sadness at the moment, and I don’t want you to know that yet, there is still so much goodness and kindness out there. Hopefully we can show you that. Dada starts a new job in the new year and that is very exciting and we have so much fun planned for you this month. I’ll bring the merry.

Merry Christmas my beautiful children. Lots of love from your Mama who loves you.

December Daily 2015 - letter to my children

December Daily 2015 - letter to my children


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