Floral Friday: End of Summer

22 September, 2017 1 Comments

This week on Floral Friday (this is the third time I’ve done this now, it’s definitely a thing) we pop down to my folks’ garden along the south coast. It’s a lovely garden with lots of interest. Mum’s getting into her roses so there are few good specimens around and there’s a veg patch at the back. Not to mention the trees (apple, cherry, fig, plum, eucalyptus), the hydrangeas, the ginger and all sorts of other goodies. The children especially love it here. There’s space for them to run, which is a bit of a novelty for them and raspberries and wild strawberries to pick. I’ll keep posting over the course of the seasons (especially as it’s such a riot of colour in the spring and summer), but for now, we get the slightly more muted tones, the winding down before autumn fully hits.

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    Debbie Roberts

    26 September, 2017

    Hi Charlotte, colours are quite sad looking come the end of summer, although it looks nice and green. It won’t be long before you can share the beautiful colours of autumn with us! That nice fat beetroot does look rather tempting, unfortunately, mine never came to anything!



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