Two fun and spooky Halloween crafts for kids

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28 October, 2016 0 Comments

We like a seasonally themed craft around here, and these googly eyed bugs are a perfect spooky activity for kids.

Later on today the kiddos and I are off to a friend’s for a Halloween play-date. I can’t flipping wait! I am possibly more excited about it than the kids are. Anyway, it reminded me of a couple of little crafts Betsy and I did last Halloween.

The first is cute, quick and uses up all those conkers that you always end up collecting during autumn. Get two pipe cleaners and wrap them around each other once so you make an X. Bend the ends down a little to make the feet. Place a conker on top of the centre of the X and with another pipe cleaner, tie them both together. You can either cut the excess pipe cleaner off or shape it and make them into antennae. Stick a couple of googly eyes on the top and you have some conker bugs! The pipe cleaners can slip off sometimes, especially if it’s quite a small conker, so it might be worth sticking the pipe cleaners down with a glue dot.

Halloween crafts for kids

The second craft can get really messy, so make sure you have surfaces (and children) well covered before you start! You’ll need some sheets of thick paper of different colours, black paint and glitter. Start off by painting someone’s hand and making handprints on the paper.

Halloween crafts for kids

Halloween crafts for kids

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle some glitter on top and add googly eyes.

Halloween crafts for kids

Once dry, roughly cut around the hand print, add a length of string (how much string? How long is a….. ahahahahaha) and hang up. If you get the whole family making hand prints, you can make quite the forest of glittery hand-bugs!

Halloween crafts for kids

30 October, 2016


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