It’s not new year without a few resolutions, right? This year I’m going to have a word. This all stems from reading something Susannah Conway does every year – she has a free online course to help you find your word – I really, really recommend having a look. A word to carry throughout the year, to touch on everything I do. This year, my word is COURAGE. I had a little realisation last year that fear holds me back on an awful lot of things (or lack of things). The fear of rejection or failure is a big one. Leaping into the unknown scares me to the point of not leaping. I don’t start things or complete them out of fear of the thing not being very good or me being ridiculed. I have built up so many defences that I am rarely truly myself around friends. Friendships have dwindled because I don’t have the courage to pursue them, I’m too scared to think that they think I’m a complete idiot. I suspect I won’t do very “big” courageous things like leaving my job of 11 years, but if I can start small and build up my self-confidence in little ways I will be very happy. Posting this blog is the first step, it’s quite scary to admit all of this!

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I can never go without making a few new years resolutions though, I can’t help it! There are three and COURAGE fits into them in some way or another too.

Create more. Make more things! Anything! First job is to complete my December Daily album. I also want to get the sewing machine out again and make some clothes for Betsy. Crochet more too. Also, as ever concentrate on my photography more. I’m not going to do project 365 again, but I am going to continue with Living Arrows and I’m going to try to take one non-child related photograph that I’m really proud of once a week. (also, use my film camera more – I found two rolls of film earlier this week, bonus!

Move more. Walk more, take a yoga or pilates class. Maybe run a bit. Travel more, I have really itchy feet, it would be good to explore somewhere new.

Be more positive. I’m quite a negative person and it would be good to try to see the good in things rather than going down the negative route first. Concentrate on positive parenting more. Be more empathetic.

Have a great 2016 you lot and I hope you achieve all your goals and dreams.


  1. Courage is an awesome word for the year and a lovely way to acknowledge that there are things that scare us and then do them anyway 🙂

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