Hello Arthur! You are two months old, hooray! This is the first in a few letters I’ll write to you, ideally you’ll get one a month to follow your development, but your sister is lucky to get one every six months so we’ll see. Anyway, welcome to the world! You were born at 8.24pm, on the 26th of May in the study of our home in a birthing pool. From the second you were born, you have been a very chilled out boy. You didn’t need to cry when you emerged, you took deep, regular breaths, had a look around the room and all was well with the world. Oh, by the way, just in case I don’t ever get round to writing a birth story, there were two songs that happened to be playing during the birth that will always be associated with you (the playlist by the way, was the one I had made for your sister’s first birthday party which got put on by your dad after I had decided that the birthing music I had downloaded “was a bit shit” halfway through the labour. One of the most vivid memories of the day, that). I don’t remember this at the time as I had more important things to concentrate on, but as your head emerged The Ronettes’ Be My Baby played and The Peddlers’ On A Clear day was playing when you were born. I think this is pretty cool, no doubt in future years you’ll think differently.

Throwing shapes at an hour old, because that's what happens when lounge music plays when you're born.
Throwing shapes at an hour old, because that’s what happens when lounge music plays when you’re born.

It’s funny how time flows with a baby. You are only two months old, but it feels like you have been with us for much, much longer. As I look up from this laptop over to your dad watching TV with you in his arms it’s a scene that seems so familiar and old almost. I suppose with parenthood you very much live in the now, the future full of possibilities and the present so busy, so intense that you don’t have time to linger too much over the past. Your sister is the same; Betsy is very much a chatty, energetic intense toddler and it’s difficult to believe sometimes that she was once a tiny little baby. Betsy by the way totally adores you. She will try and pick you up and cuddle you at every opportunity. If you cry, she lets me know about it and tells me to give you milk and will shake toys at you. I hope she continues to keep an eye out for you as you grow.


I hope you like your name, Arthur Tor. I think it’s safe to say that Arthur was one of very, very few male names that your dad and I could agree on. We both like that it’s the name of a mythical king and I like you are the namesake of Arthur Dent, the main character in one of my most favourite books. Also, Arthur Fonzarelli. Tor is a bit different, decided only the night before we had to register your name, but we like it. It’s a derivative of Thor, continuing the giving our children names of Norse gods theme (Betsy is Freyja).


Now you are two months, you are no longer in that very newborn scrunched up pose, although when you lie down you still tend to keep your hands to the side of your head and your legs in the froggy position. You smile a lot, mostly at Betsy and you still have the startle reflex which means we have to be quite careful when you sleep as you’re woken up pretty easily.


You sleep quite a lot at night which is a flipping godsend! I manage to get a solid four hours of sleep a night and for that I am eternally grateful. You’ve been able to roll onto your side since day one and is your preferred sleeping position.


You have the deepest, darkest blue eyes I have ever seen. They are almost navy with a ring of lighter blue around the pupil. I wonder if they’ll stay like that or slowly change to a different colour? You also seem very long. When you were born your feet seemed to be very big and your fingers look like that of a violinist’s. I think you are going to be pretty tall and it seems you have also inherited your father’s big head.


We are so very happy to have you with us, Arthur. You have made this family complete and we are so looking forward to seeing you grow.

From, your mama who loves you.

One month old
One month old
Two months old
Two months old

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