Five months
Five months

Hello there, Arthur!

Well this writing to you once a month is going well isn’t it? We have missed a few months of these letters, and flipping heck, what months have we missed! You are doing so much more now you are like a different person. We’ve had your sister turning three (another letter I need to write…), your first Christmas and we’ve had many fun times. So this is a quick letter to update you on what you can do, just so things are written down and out there and we can do a slightly longer note once we’re back in the swing of things again.

In your fifth month you were so keen to move. You’d make swimming motions while on your front and lift your bottom in the air and a month later you were mobile! You’re not crawling on all fours yet, you’re doing the commando move (or zombie crawl as I like to call it). Already you are working on being on two feet. You can happily stand up and hold on to things (the corner of the sofa is your favourite spot) for a good long while and you seem to be starting cruising too.

Six months
Six months

You are noisy! You make me laugh when you learn to make a new sound as you’ll do it over and over and over again. We’ve had raspberries (which were HILARIOUS, you’ve not done those for a while now, I miss them), high pitched squeals and the sound your cousin Asher makes when he is excited that you picked up over the Christmas break. You also make a mumumumumumuma sound too, which is exciting. Just this week you have learnt to clap and you do so with the biggest grin on your face. You are happy and you know it. You have also done a few little waves too.

You have teeth! Two came through in month five and two months later, you have six! I think there’s another coming through too. I miss your gummy smiles though, this picture was taken the day before the first broke through.
gummy smile

Balloons will entertain you for hours, but your preferred toy of choice at the moment is anything that makes sounds. Maracas, shaky things and the wave drum especially will make you drag yourself across the floor in order to play with them. You are also very good at finding all the very small bits that get left on the floor and giving them a good old chew. Mainly bits of paper and goggly eyes. Methinks I need to get better at cleaning…

Seven months
Seven months

Since my last letter, we have started a bedtime routine for you. We have a bath, a story and then I feed you to sleep. You are in my bed at the moment and we don’t have plans to move you, like your sister you definitely sleep better when I’m next to you. You were sleeping really well and only waking a couple of times in a night (this was BLISS. I had evenings to myself!), but since Christmas you have been all over the place and I am currently spending more time upstairs with you than down in the evenings, which I’m struggling with to be honest. Betsy was always a terrible sleeper (sleeps through now though), but at least she was consistent. Having this sudden regression with you is hard. My Wonder Weeks app tells me you are in a developmental leap at the moment, so hopefully things will settle down again soon.

You still adore Betsy and she still adores you (unless you happen to be gumming one of her toys) and so desperately wants to play with you more. Sometimes I see glimpses of how you’ll both be when you are older – finding each other funny, getting on each others nerves a bit, but ultimately the best of friends.

Hello Arthur

Love from, your Mama who loves you.

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