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I’m pretty sure I say each season is my favourite once it comes around, but autumn definitely is my most favourite. The nights drawing in I can give or take, but that freshness in the air, the misty mornings, the colour in the leaves, it’s all good people, all good. Plus I get to wear brogues again, which is awesome. I know this post is late and we’re almost halfway through the season, but September gets hotter and more summery every year, doesn’t it? Plus we’ve been starting school and everything that goes with it so we’ve been concentrating on that and it’s not really felt like the autumn I know and love. I did like as soon as October started last week, suddenly it felt like autumn, the temperature dropped and there was that gorgeous light you only get at this time of year. Brilliant stuff. So what have we got planned and what is there to do?

Go pumpkin spiced crazy. I love pumpkin spiced latte, but ever since Starbucks changed their recipe last year, it just tastes of bitter disappointment. And sugar. I have the sweetest tooth in the world but even the PSL is too much for me. But that just means that we can go homemade! Make a sugar syrup, add pumpkin spice (nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, maybe some actual pumpkin) and use it on everything; to your coffee in the morning, to pancakes for brunch, or over ice cream for pudding. Delish.

Get outside. Arthur and I are still adjusting to the school run and I haven’t dared to be very far from home in case I end up being horribly late in picking up Betsy. But I miss my days out into town with my kids, so Arthur and I will take a couple of trips into town; I have a hankering for some food from Kerb so we’ll pop over to Kings Cross one Friday. I also really want to visit Woodberry Wetlands near Finsbury Park.

Get lost in Bjork’s world. The singer and artist Bjork has an exhibition at Somerset House which sounds amazing and wondrous and just something that needs to be seen. It finishes on the 23rd October, so get your skates on (and I hope I can get an evening off to see it)

Get planting. Now is the time to get your spring bulbs into the garden. I’ve planted some crocus in the lawn and have added some alliums into the beds. A ton more daffodils have been added too!

Celebrate Halloween. I love Halloween for all sorts of reasons and this year I’ve already started to get decorations up. If people can put up their Christmas decorations on the 1st December, I can add pumpkin decorations on the second week of October! Check out these lovely fairy lights I have above my desk. They were only two pounds from Tiger.
Oh, and we have a crafty halloween play-date lined up and thanks to Kate from Crafts on Sea’s new book, we have lots of spooky crafts to try out too!

See some fireworks. The firework display in Enfield Town Park isn’t happening again this year (and by the sound of things never happening again 🙁 ), so we’ll go on a hunt for some fireworks elsewhere as all four of us round here love a good display. I’m very tempted by the Ally Pally display, but we’d lose Arthur in a flash. Let’s hope that the lovely small display that took place at Botany Bay cricket club last year is on again. Failing that, we’ll have some mulled cider and some sparklers in the garden.

Listen to some music. I’m seeing some live music in November (Julia Holter at Shepherds Bush Empire, come and join me! Tickets still available). For you lovlies, you get an Autumn playlist for your listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy!

There’s lots of other things happening this season; I’m back at work after being off for three weeks, I’m off to a beer launch, I’ll be hosting a craft night in November (more on that soon), it’s time to start meal planing again, there’s a little election coming up so I’ll stay up and watch the results come in (and probably cry a lot. COME ON, HILARY) and there’s a whole load of Christmas planning to do. Fun times! What are you up to this autumn?

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


  1. Wow! You are so organised. I wish I was as organised as you. I love doing crafts with kids. I think I will look into that myself too. Beer launch sound really fun. Enjoy! 🙂 #TheList

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