Hello Betsy,

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you. As you’ll probably learn in years to come, I have all the best intentions and lots of project ideas, but it’s rare I’ll keep them going. I was going to write a letter to you every month, detailing your
development as you, but parenting and just sheer exhaustion have made many drafts but no published articles.

You are 13 months old now and gosh, haven’t you grown!? It’s been amazing watching you grow from a tiny newborn dependent entirely on me to a feisty, funny, giving and kind toddler who is becoming more and more independent as the days go by.

Too much has happened over the past year to write about in one letter, so I wont, I will just write about what you’re like now and I’ll fill in the rest with the hundreds of photos I have taken of you at some point.

Things you like doing at the moment are:

— licking. You are licking everything at the moment and it’d a little odd. Even Ian the cat gets a lick from time to time. And the sofa, and the bath and the side of tables…
— Walking. You have been walking for around a month now and you are loving the freedom it’s giving you. You still fall over quite a bit, especially if you’re tired, but it doesn’t seem to bother you. You don’t even notice half the time.
—your current favourite toys are Mega Bloks, your Jack in the Box and a musical cogs and gears toy. You still love Brian the Lion for cuddles and you are currently obsessed with your father’s cufflinks collection.
—When I’m around, breast milk is still your favourite thing to consume, but you also enjoy eating chicken, mushrooms, grapes and raisins. I’m hoping you’ll eat a bit more food, as your mother I enjoy watching you eat, not feed the cat, but that will come soon.

This week I have started going back to work and you have started nursery. It’s been a bit of a painful time for both of us, but you seem to be settling in really well and you’re forming a bond with your key worker which is nice. You bawl every time we drop you off and cling on to us for dear life and it’s absolutely the most horrid time, but you cheer up every time your dad and I are out the door. Last Thursday, according to the diary you were mostly singing and dancing, which makes my heart soar, but also a bit sad I wasn’t around to see it. We are both realising that we are no longer connected by and umbilical cord and you are your own special, sweet person.

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