It has been a very, very long time since I ventured out into the garden and even longer since I’ve blogged about it, so I thought I’d so a bit of an update considering we Dave has spent a huge amount of time working on our tiny plot while I’ve been sunning myself on the lounger. Before we did anything to the garden, there was a massive rockery set into the middle of the plot which, when you’re struggling with space anyway had to go despite housing some truly wonderful plants. Here’s what it looked like:

old garden

And in its place is this:


Glorious grass. Who knew I could get so excited about a 2m² patch of grass? But once it’s ready to walk on, it’ll prove invaluable with Betsy and the baby around.

We’ve also dug out a lot of the big, boring shrubs and replaced them with vegetables and flowers. The beds are very much works in progress, but should look lovely come the summer and without the shrubs the garden as a whole looks much more spacious. We can even fit in a small table and some chairs for some al fresco dining now.





Above, some of the blooms we currently have. Below, the wild flower bed is growing nicely with rhubarb, jasmine, French beans and rainbow chard also here.

Wild flower bed


A courgette (possibly a pumpkin) and a broad bean shoot that Betsy planted.


Sweet peas with a few edible peas growing for good measure too.


The strawberries are coming!

The garden really is starting to feel like it’s part of the house now, rather than just something I would stare at while doing the washing up. Cannot wait for the weather to really improve and spend many hours in there.



  1. You, or rather Dave, have been busy. It’s looking good and given some decent weather I’m sure that you’ll be making good use of it. Happy gardening. xx

  2. Ooo lovely – I too love that cat, oh to lie on a sunny wall, basking in the heat! such pretty photos and lovely spot to sit out and have lunch too- I hope you enjoy it!

    Apologies for missing you at the end of last weeks link up, I’ve linked this back up this week as I suspect others didn’t spot you either! Thanks for joining in!

  3. I’m loving the cat sunning itself on the wall-I’d like to be a cat sometimes! Having your own space is so important isn’t it, let’a hope the better weather comes and stays around for a while 🙂

  4. What a difference! I know what you mean about the grass, I have a tiled garden with borders, and being in a hot country changed the beds to grave, while it was very suitable, it just felt soulless, so now I have one gravel bed and one with dirt and flowers, much better……. I look forward to following your progress

  5. What a great garden – I’d have totally done the same and taken out boring shrubs to put vegetables in!! It’ll be a great space to spend the summer with your little ones 🙂

  6. Oh your garden has sooo much potential, cant wait to it grow more.. and how comfy does that cat look awwww #HDYGG

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