How the Garden Grows – 6

23 May, 2014 1 Comments


Still waiting! Good thing the weather has been lovely and we can spend most of our time outdoors in the garden. We’ve even managed a few al fresco dinners out there too, which have been lovely. It occurred to me that while I showed you a before picture of the garden in last week’s HTGG post, I didn’t show you an after. So above is what it looks like today. Not as varied as it once was, but look at how much space we have! The lawn has got a bit more growing to do (you can really see just where the Sun in strongest during the day, can’t you?) but we’ve given it its last seeding until the autumn so we can get on with enjoying having a tiny patch of lawn to sit on. At the back we have my veggies; namely courgettes, pumpkins, chard, tomatoes, broad beans and peas (I’m packing them in) along with a container of potatoes. At the bottom right you can just see the top of the wild flower bed (which has bee and butterfly friendly flowers growing, more chard, French beans and rhubarb (which needs to be moved actually, it’s getting too much sun where it is). To the left, we have this massive bed that contains the lovely ornamental cherry tree, a big spiky grass thing and a whole heap of ground elder. I don’t know what to do with this bed at the moment, so I’m just enjoying the relative wildness of that area and ignoring the fact I have a massively invasive species in my garden.

The veggies are growing nicely, although it looks like I have a bit of a snail problem.

How the garden grows

How the garden grows

How the garden grows

Tomatoes are growing! I’m quite excited about this. Those plants only cost me 20p each, bargain. Also, the rainbow chard is looking good.

It’s still very green out there, but there’s pops of colour if you look hard enough.

How the garden grows

How the garden grows

How the garden grows

How the garden grows


21 May, 2014

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    23 May, 2014

    Well done it’s looking good, and you’ve lots of vegetables to look forward too. Snails have been a major problem this year eating just about everything.
    Happy gardening. xx


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