In case you haven’t noticed on my Twitter feed, I’m off to Blogtacular this week. I also mentioned it last week here and I’m pretty much telling anyone who’ll listen (or not) face to face. I bought my ticket last summer so it feels a bit weird that it’s actually going to be happening very, very soon. I am rather excited, although I have to admit that I’m finding myself more and more nervous as we get closer to the date, but everyone who takes part in the Blogtacular Twitter chat every Wednesday all seem really lovely and it’s going to be nice to meet people.

This is all the stuff I’m going to be taking. I don’t know if it’s too much or not enough, but it’s going to be a long day for me and my arm will fall off if I take anything more.

I'm going to Blogtacular
It’s really hard to take photos like this with an Arthur around.

1. Wallet. Mostly for buying coffee at half six in the morning just before I meet everyone for the photowalk.
2. Notebook. I saw this notebook in TK Maxx the other day and I thought the sentiment on the cover was just perfect for this event:

I'm going to Blogtacular

3. Pens.
4. Business cards. It feels a bit weird having business cards for something that is essentially my hobby, but they’re nice!
5. Limeaid, this carries an extra four charges for my phone which I will need because I’m going to be Instagramming the hell out of this day.
6.Extra camera battery and my 50mm lens.
6. Phone, obviously.
7. Oyster card. (why yes, that is District Line moquette)
8. Breast pump. I’m going to be out of the house for about 18 hours this Saturday. My boobs WILL explode if I don’t pump at some point.
9. Make-up bag

It’s going to be interesting to see how I’ll be once I’m there. If I were to describe myself in three words it would be ‘socially awkward introvert’. I am truly terrible at speaking to people, I am always the one standing in the corner hoping that people will come to me and say hello as that’s the only way I can talk. Dave will often say that the first few dates he and I had consisted of him talking all the time or face sitting in silence (I think he liked me to have put up with that?). Also I find it really weird talking about this blog in real life. Someone in my WI group randomly asked if I blogged in our meeting last week and rather saying something along the lines of “yes I do! It’s called Baking Betsy! It’s got nice things in there! You should have a look! Here’s my card!”, I mumbled about how it’s just lots of pictures of the children and it’s all a bit wanky and pretentious really. I am not very good at bigging myself up and it’s incredibly unfair on me too considering what a labour of love and the amount of hours I put into this is.

Out of everything I see in Blogtacular’s website, Twitter chats and newsletters, it’s not necessarily the speakers, or the photowalk, or the Pinterest party that get me most excited about this conference (although they all do a lot), it’s the feeling of immense sisterhood. I am going to be surrounded by hundreds of like-minded women (mostly women) who are creative, intelligent and we are all there to learn and celebrate each other and the things that we do and love. It’s going to be great and so incredibly inspiring and even if I do only end up speaking to one person in the entire day, I hope I’ll be able to say “hello! My blog is quite good! Have a card!”


  1. Enjoy! Look forward to reading lots about your experience at Blogtacular, I hadn’t heard of t before, but then…I’m quite new to this blogging malarkey. Enjoying it immensely though 🙂

  2. Yay!! I’m so looking forward to seeing you- I’m really tall and I’ll be wearing bright orange sandals so if you see me first come and say hi!

  3. I look forward to reading about how you got on. Hopefully you gave out all your business cards and had a super day with new friends x

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