I love pancake day, even if I don’t tend to give up anything for Lent, I’ve always seen a pancake dinner as one of the first signs of spring, even if it is snowing again.


Later on this morning, I am hoping to catch the Parliamentary pancake race (if work allows) and tonight I intend to eat a main and dessert of pancakes, and then probably feel a little ill afterwards because there’s cream in everything. If you fancy trying something that’s a bit different to the usual lemon and sugar here’s what we’re having (and what we had last night. They were good!)


For dinner, sauté chicken, onions, mushrooms with some smoked paprika and add some cream and spinach at the end.


Pudding is apples – sauté apple wedges in some butter, add some maple syrup and brown sugar, cook for another four minutes or so, serve with some whipped cream.

Oh – pancake batter. It’s so easy to make, simply whisk together equal amounts of eggs, flour and milk and it’s done.


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