At the end of last year I mentioned that I wasn’t planning on doing Project 365 again. That is, take a photo every day for a year. Well, an interesting thing happened. Photos were taken on the first and second of the month (I can’t not take pictures of Arthur in the bath and on a walk) but then I didn’t take anything for a few days after that. Interestingly, I found myself missing taking a photo a day and once I did pick up the camera up again I found myself thinking “well that’s my shot for the day” once I snapped. Old habits die hard, it seems!


So I’ve decided to commit to a photo a day again because it seems I can’t leave it. It’s going to be no pressure and if there are days when I don’t pick up the camera then no worries. This year I am following Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day prompts, where there is one word or short phrase a day to use as a starting point (like me, night, or something blue) which has been working out really well for me, especially on a day when I’m at work. Although if I decide to not use a prompt, again, no worries, it’s just nice to have a photo for that day. I’m posting most of the photos onto Instagram as I’m loving the FMS community there, so come over and say hello!

The nights are getting lighter when I leave for work, hooray! 13/01

Hopefully every month I’ll do a round-up of some of my favourite photos from this project. Here’s a few photos from the last month along with the Fat Mum Slim prompt (if applicable, I didn’t start using the prompt until the 19th):

Granary Square during the Lumiere festival. 14/01


Ian looks out
Ian looks out. 24/01 FMS prompt: Window

Morning sky 26/01 FMS prompt: Simplicity

I am so easily pleased, but I LOVE my new phone cover. 27/01 FMS prompt: Telephone

The last of the Christmas cake. 30/01 FMS prompt: Flat lay

31/01 FMS prompt: Me. So I have been taken part on Ali Edwards’ One Little Word course to help me with my word for this year, courage (I need all the help I can get!). I don’t know how much of this journalling I’ll reveal on here as it gets *really* personal sometimes, but there might be the odd glimpse like this from time to time. I am loving the course so far though!

Bring on February!

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