Hello little lovers! It’s been quite a good week, hasn’t it?

Humans of New York is a most excellent blog, and if you have yet to have a look, I urge you to stop reading this rubbish and head on over there right now, it’s photographic portraits of people from all walks of life in New York. Some funny, some heart wrenching, some cute. This week, I have loved this guy and I cannot get this poor woman out of my head.

The Budget, but the less said about that, the better, frankly. I’ve also been watching this video of Arthur’s dinosaur walk lots, love his little moves.

Little Loves
Rocking the walking sandals this week to help me get through the tube strike. I walked a lot! Almost ten miles according to my Fitbit, which is quite impressive for me.

To get me through my walk from Moorgate to work and back again, I created a playlist to listen to. Lots of fast beats to keep me going (and Rosemary Clooney). Have a listen!

I have made nothing this week! Isn’t that terrible? Even dinners have been a combination of beans and toast and other really simple things. I have a list of projects I need to start and finish by next weekend though, so there will be something next week.

And lastly…

We Are Scout Poster

A poster from We Are Scout. Something I really need to take to heart at the moment!


  1. I love ‘adventuring sandals’ – the kids have pairs and I really need to buy some more. They may not be the best things to look at but they sure are comfy! x

  2. Gotta love Julia Child! Hope your feet aren’t too sore after all that walking. I heard the tube strike was horrendous – so glad I don’t need to use them any more! Have a great weekend x

  3. I had my walking sandals out too, yours are great! Humans of New York is brilliant, there’s so many different stories. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend xx

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