Hello, hello, happy Friday, everyone!

I picked up the latest copy of Oh Comely this week. It’s the first time I’ve read it in years and it’s so lovely to read again. It’s like a hug, I need to spend a bit of time sitting down and giving it a bit of attention, it’s not really a magazine you can flick through if you know what I mean? There are interviews with artists, a how to make a pot from the clay in your garden, stories of adventures, a penny farthing and it’s full of gorgeous photos and illustrations (and very few adverts too).

Little Loves

Pixar’s UP is available on Amazon Prime at the moment so we’ve seen that. Dave and I avoided watching the first ten minuets of that film though as it’s possibly the most heartbreaking ten minutes of cinematic history, isn’t it?

Well I’ll tell you what I haven’t been wearing and that’s my Fitbit, I’ve only gone and flipping lost it. Argh, it was genuinely getting me to be more active too. So annoying. Betsy has been wearing a wonderful array of clothes at the moment, she certainly has very clear ideas of what she wants to wear. This week she found one of Dave’s (non-prescription) glasses that he uses for his murder mystery games and paired with a tutu she’s had since before she was one, a feather headband we made at the local fairy festival and her cardigan, that she insisted was worn upside down. Love her!

Little Loves

So Tom Robinson interviewed the composer Max Richter on his show last Saturday. They were mostly talking about his new piece that’s six hours long and designed to be listened to while sleeping. I believe it’s being performed in Germany soon overnight and with the audience in bed! I’ve not really heard of Richter before, but the music played was amazing. His recomposing of Vivaldi’s Spring just stunning. Real shivers up the spine stuff. Make a cup of tea and have a listen:

I’m still working on my Week In the Life album. It’s proving to be a rather long process, but the photos are back from Snapfish so they’ve all been cut and put in the right place. So nice to see some of my photos in print too. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, I’ll get most of the writing done this weekend so I can be finished and start concentrating on autumn and the million blog posts I have planned.

Little Loves
I have also been making a mess

And lastly..
We have a super busy weekend planned, with a birthday party tomorrow and a visit to Monski Mouse’s baby disco with my sisters and their children. It’s going to be so good! It’ll be brilliant being back at the South Bank and the Spiegeltent again.

Speaking of Spiegeltents, did you know there’s one at Canary Warf at the moment? It’s holding a huge variety of cabaret, music, comedy and family events for the next week and a bit. Saturday is Big Fish Little Fish’s family rave, which I saw at the Royal Festival Hall in February and it was SO GOOD I thought I was 21 again even though I had an Arthur strapped to me in the sling and a Betsy sitting on my shoulders. It was amazing. Go! Next Friday we’re going to Bach to Baby which features the principal harpist from the Royal Opera House. The kids are going to be mesmerised by her, so exciting! You should come an join us!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. I will have to try Snapfish for printing my project life photos, my home printer doesn’t do good quality prints. Are they good value for money compared to getting them done in the supermarket? A family rave event sounds so cool. I could show the kids how to bust some shapes!

    1. I really rate them and they always seem to have offers for their 4×6 prints too (Living Social currently have an offer of 200 Snapfish prints for £2). Plus they do a 6×8 print, which is what my WITL project is in. Flat rate p&p of 1.99. They’re super quick too.

  2. I watched Up on Amazon Prime the other day too. Such a sad film – well the beginning anyway! Don’t think I’ve cried so much at a cartoon! Love Betsy’s outfit, great when they get their own sense of style isn’t it! Have a great weekend x

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