This is the third year I’m taking part in the Living Arrows link up. I love this linky and it’s community and all the brilliant, creative women who take part every week. But above all, it’s just a really, really nice way of seeing the children grow up.

Here’s the first ever Living Arrows portrait from two years ago when we were just a family of three:


And this time last year:

living arrows

living arrows

And to kick of this year, we have:



Betsy looking as regal as ever. She got that dress for Christmas and she wore it every day until she realised the hoop skirt made getting in the swing in the park difficult. Arthur’s grown (more hair) for sure! He can also climb in and out of the bath now and decided to do it with his clothes on this weekend. He found it bloody hilarious!

Living Arrows


  1. Such beautiful pictures. I especially love the one where she’s looking out of the window, it’s just stunning! Haha Authur so cheeky and yet so cute.xx

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