You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Khalil Gibran

Happy Easter! Happy lighter evenings! I hope you are all full of chocolate and hot cross buns as I am and you haven’t all been blown about too much. Betsy has really got into Easter/springtime this year. We have been making floral crowns (which look brilliant, I’ll get a tutorial out in time for May Day), making baskets, had an Easter party round a friend’s and visited Capel Manor who did their annual Easter egg hunt (which was brilliant and the gardens looked glorious, more on that later this week).

Living Arrows - Easter egg hunt in the back garden

But of course, for a four year old (and an almost two year old), Easter is all about the chocolate and the Easter egg hunt. We had one in our back garden. Being the smallest garden in the world it took about five minutes, but Betsy loved it. (Dave not so much as he had to crawl on his hands and knees to retrieve an egg that had fallen down a hole, ooops, sorry, lover). Although I had laid the eggs out while there was some glorious sunshine, the hunt took place (10 minutes later) in pouring rain and a bit of thunder and lightning too. This weather, eh? Arthur wasn’t too impressed with the whole thing, although that might have to do something with him having to wear his big sister’s coat.

Living Arrows - Easter egg hunt in the back garden

Living Arrows - Easter egg hunt in the back garden

Living Arrows - Easter egg hunt in the back garden

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29 March, 2016


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    29 March, 2016

    Thanks, and to you too. Arthur’s expression made me smile. I hope he cheered up indoors eating some chocolate. xx

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    2 April, 2016

    Oh Arthur’s face is just the cutest! He looks like he’s really feeling sorry for himself. You can’t beat an Easter egg hunt – even in a small space! x


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