You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Khalil Gibran

Living Arrows - Arthur's birthday

I was Arthur’s birthday this week (he is now two! TWO! I feels like I’ve just returned to work from maternity leave!). I worked on the day so Friday we travelled down to east London to Mudchute farm for a special day out. It’s so nice down there and I can’t believe we’ve never been before, it’s amazing. I’ll write about it later, but my favourite portraits of the kiddos are from that day, the sun, the animals, the trains buoyed everyone’s moods and you can see it. Very happy children this week.

Living Arrows - Arthur's birthday

Betsy super pleased having fed the lamb she’d been trying to get to for a while.

Living Arrows - Arthur's birthday

Arthur waving at another DLR train. He would have been happy riding on that all day I think.

Oh! I didn’t post anything last week, but here’s last week’s portrait. It’s Arthur, at his birthday party eating his cake. I think he enjoyed it, even though he was super tired.

Living Arrows - Arthur's birthday

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    30 May, 2016

    Such gorgeous photos! I love her face in the second one, pure joy! x #LivingArrows

  2. Reply

    Nick @ Notes From A Dad

    30 May, 2016

    Great photos, thanks for sharing. Can’t beat farms and trains!

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    30 May, 2016

    What fabulous photos. It’s always good to get them outside – photos are always better that way too! #livingarrows

  4. Reply

    clare AKA Emmy's Mummy

    30 May, 2016

    How adorable are the rainbow clothes? I love them. Great shots, mine both love trains too

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    31 May, 2016

    Brilliant photos, they look very happy and very colourful! Happy birthday to your little man, 2 feel like such a big milestone doesn’t it? I’ll be a wreck when my youngest turns 2! xx

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    1 June, 2016

    I am loving the dress and wellies combo!! πŸ™‚

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    3 June, 2016

    Happy birthday Arthur! It looks like you had a lovely day. I know how you feel – I can’t believe my little dude is 3 already! Love your new header too x


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