You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Khalil Gibran

Living Arrows – a portrait a week of my two children.

You may have seen on my Instagram Stories last week that I was visiting Swanage Railway in Dorset. It’s a really sweet day trip, but ye gods, the day we visited it was bloody cold and rainy! I think you can see that in the faces of Art and Betsy in the picture above. Didn’t stop up from paddling in the sea though.

Arthur eating sand, because of course he his. He always eats sand. At least it’s good for the immune system, right?

LOST TOOTH! I REPEAT, BETSY HAS LOST HER FIRST TOOTH! She has been SO excited by this and has wanted to lose her milk teeth for an age. The tooth wobbled for about a week and in that time told literally everyone she saw she had her first wobbly tooth. The tooth fairy did arrive, although the fairy was a bit nervous about being seen. She thought she had woken Betsy up when lifting the pillow and may have had to duck low next to the bed to avoid being spotted while the Boo stirred. It all worked out in the end though and I got woken up at half five the next morning by a very excited Boo holding on to a new shiny coin.

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  1. YAY for such a massive milestone! Athena has just turned six and no missing teeth here yet – she cannot wait! I am less excited by it, I find it so… gross! LOVE their coats! x

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