Living Arrows  - Baking Betsy

Living Arrows  - Baking Betsy

Well the house is a wreck, we’ve not eaten a proper meal in ages, but we’re settling into new-expanded family life well. Arthur still needs to sort out this feeding lark and that’s been the focus of this week, but we’ve had visitors (my Mum stayed for a very helpful few days and my sister Ju and her husband popped round for a day as well) and we managed a family day out (the first!) in the sun yesterday which is where this week’s photos were taken. We went to Myddelton House where we had a jolly nice picnic and Betsy got well into exploring the gardens. Lovely stuff.

living arrows
10 June, 2014


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    9 June, 2014

    Lovely sunny pics, these types of days make the best pictures! #livingarrows

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    9 June, 2014

    Ahhh absolutely stunning portraits. Your family is so adorable. Glad you got to enjoy some sun shine. Love the action shot too! Gorgeous kiddies. #livingarrows

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    You Baby Me Mummy

    9 June, 2014

    Beautiful pictures! Such adorable children x

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    Amy - Diddle Diddle Dumpling

    9 June, 2014

    Lovely photos! There’s nothing like getting out the sun for a picnic & exploring nature. And who doesn’t love a little squishy baby? #livingarrows

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    Faded Seaside Mama

    9 June, 2014

    Aw such lovely photos. Early family memories to treasure forever. Hope Arthur gets the hang of feeding soon (sure he will!) but don’t forget to enjoy it too – snuggles with a newborn are the best in the world!

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    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    10 June, 2014

    Much needed going out! Arthur looks like hes is enjoying it too =) #LivingArrows


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