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Betsy just hanging out in a cafe, again. I swear half the time, when it’s just me, her and Arthur out and about, she doesn’t want to go to the park or visit the library, but pop into a cafe instead. She likes a babychino.

There’s been a nice rhythm to this week. Even though no one here goes to school, term time brings back the regular classes and drop-ins. We started Jack and Jill’s again where Betsy danced like she never danced before and returned to a couple of classes we’ve not been to since Betsy was tiny. Neither have really changed since we last went, which made them feel warm and familiar, but it felt slightly odd I was now doing these things with Arthur rather than Boo. There was Rhyme Time at our local library, where even after all these years I still tear up singing You Are My Sunshine and Baby Massage and Yoga, which is a glorious, relaxing class for me and Art and it felt like I’d never left.

living arrows

living arrows

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  1. Oh my gosh your little man reminds me so much of my youngest when he was wee! I must admit I love going to a cafe, but can’t say that my boys are the same. Ahh the memories of baby rhyme time. I made my first mum-friends there. 🙂 #LivingArrows

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