This is how Betsy smiles when I’m pointing a camera at her these days. It’s always been a bit tricky to get a picture of her smiling, but now it’s bloody impossible!

living arrows

More swings this week, this time Arthur’s first proper swing all on his own. He loved it! Looking forward to pushing him and Betsy in swings side by side, that’s going to be mucho fun.

living arrows
18 November, 2014


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    Hayley @hayleyfromhome

    17 November, 2014

    Lovely photos, still very sweet even if she won’t smile. My eldest went through a phase of hiding from me when I pointed the camera at him. Now he just says ‘smile’ without actually smiling! #livingarrows

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    Emma T (@ETusty)

    17 November, 2014

    Lovely black and white shot, even if she isn’t smiling #livingarrows

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    18 November, 2014

    Oh but the cheesy smiles are so cute! Elma smiles like that at the moment too and it’s rather sweet!

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    Little Jam Pot Life (@LittleJamPot)

    18 November, 2014

    first time in a swing is something truly precious! the look on their faces! x


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