Living Arrows

Not the best of photos this week (if you want some nice shots, check out this week’s 365, genuinely pleased with the pictures there), but it captures a lovely moment. Betsy and Arthur sitting at the living room window waiting for Dave to come home from work so Betsy can wave to him as he walks towards the front door. Betsy was showing Arthur her snow globes and would occasionally hug him and talk to him about all manner of things. Arthur would look up adoringly at Betsy, laugh and give her the brightest of smiles. I hope I see these little moments of this best friendship in years to come.

A couple more photos from the week:

Sleeping Arthur


Living Arrows


  1. Your sleeping baby photograph just melts my heart. How wonderful too that you happened upon those lovely quiet moments of sibling friendship. Something to look back on on the days when they’re being less than friendly.


  2. Oh those are gorgeous moments – I love how they’re waiting for Daddy – my girls always drop whatever they’re doing and sprint to the door as soon as they hear his key!

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