What a funny week we’ve been having. Arthur has had this weird vomiting bug that has kept us in the house as he’ll throw up at really random times. It’s odd, because it would be 4, 6, sometimes 11 hours between bouts of throwing up and he’d be happy as Larry in between. It’s been over 48 hours since his last bout of sickness so hopefully we are over it. *fingers crossed*

We have also had Dave’s birthday last weekend, and hooray for that. We have nothing but good food, good drink and really bloody good company. Dave really does have some wonderful friends and we really need to see them more often!

Oh, and Arthur’s learnt to climb the stairs and Betsy navigated her way through a maze at Capel Manor Gardens. Good times all round (once we were out the house)!

Living Arrows

Living Arrows

Living Arrows


  1. Aww he looks so little climbing the stairs!! I hope you’ve stayed sickness free, it’s never fun when the little ones are ill is it?

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