It’s been a funny old week for taking photos. Normally I’ve got my trusty Canon in my hands or in the change bag all the time, but this week it just been left by the wayside. Hey ho, that’s the way it goes, sometimes. It’s been a nice week though, we’ve seen friends, we’ve baked and I went into Liverpool Street for a walk and a very good burger.

Living Arrows

I didn’t take this, Dave did, but it’s the nicest one of Arthur this week and one of the nicest pictures I have of me and him together. Even though there were plenty of distractions, Art just cuddled up next to me while eating his biscuit. One of those lovely, peaceful moments that you don’t want to forget.

Living Arrows

Did not realise how good Betsy could be at hiding. I was truly stumped when she called for me to come into her room and could not find her. And then I discovered that she could hide in the washing machine part of her toy kitchen. Still can’t quite believe that the cupboard is big enough for her to fit. Hopefully she won’t try to hide in the real washing machine…

Living Arrows


  1. I had to go back and look really closely! She must have squished up tight! Love the photo of you and Art – gorgeous name 🙂

  2. Wow that is some impressive hiding from Betsy – I saw the picture and thought “surely she can’t be in there!” but it’s amazing what kids can do when they put their mind to it!

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