So it’s been a funny few weeks just gone. We got some sad news (mentioned here) and I’ve not really felt the need to blog. But we’re settling back into things and it feels good to be at the laptop blogging again. I didn’t realise how much I’d miss it really. Who’d have thought?

Living Arrows -

So this week, Betsy and I had our only second day together without Arthur since he was born. While Art was being looked after by my in-laws (as a sort of settling in day before my return to work this week. This week! Eek!), Boo and I travelled into Notting Hill to sample some of Green & Black’s new thin bar range. We ate lots of chocolate, sat under a cocoa tree, and wondered along Portobello Road. Betsy loved this bridge and we spent quite a while touching the tiles and noting all the colours. Good stuff.

I may have not been posting these last couple of weeks, but I have still been taking photos! Here’s what would have been published:

Living Arrows -
Visiting my sister in Haywards Heath for a day, we took a lovely walk through a nature reserve and Betsy decided she wanted to climb every tree there was. She’s obsessed with tree climbing now!

Living Arrows -
Arthur making me properly laugh out loud by making faces on the patio window. The more I laughed, the more he did it. Brilliant.

Living Arrows -
We spent most of last week down south looking after Mum and Dad’s house and cat while they were in Exeter. The weather was so lovely we made it onto the beach every day. The kids loved it – Arthur would dig into the sand all the time while Betsy paddled and made lots of versions of Elsa’s castle. We’d then collect nice looking pebbles before making it back to the cafe for ice creams. Utter bliss and made me want to move down to the coast right this minute.

Living Arrows


  1. Sorry to hear your sad news Charlotte, i’d missed your blog entries and it was lovely to read this one. Good luck with your return to work, are you going back full-time? Sounds like you and Betsy had a wonderful day together, they are at such a nice age to go out and explore the wonderful sights that London has to offer. We spend a lovely day by the seaside at my parents this week and it made me want to be by the sea too. So calming.

  2. Oh what a beautiful bridge – I’m not surprised she loved it! And I’m so sorry to hear your news, but glad that you’re back at the keyboard and sharing such lovely photos – you can’t look at that one of Arthur and not smile!

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