You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
– Khalil Gibran

Hatfield Park Farm

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Slightly different format to this week’s Living Arrows. I wanted to write about a day out we had last Sunday at Hatfield House, but didn’t have enough photos for a post all by itself, but what I did get of the children were perfect Living Arrows portraits.

When we went, I forgot my camera like a doofus, so all photos were taken by my phone, thank goodness for VSCOCam which makes everything nicer!

Turns out we’re only a 20 minute drive from Hatfield House and mostly along one road so I’m wondering why it’s taken us this long to finally get here. Ticket pricing is confusing. It costs a lot if you want to visit inside the house and the gardens (£16 for an adult), but with that ticket you can then use it again and again to visit the gardens for the rest of the season. There are also tickets just to visit the gardens (which look lovely, and I wouldn’t mind a visit myself with my proper camera) and separate ticket to the farm, which is where we went to (£5 for adults, £2 for children 3 and over). It’s not really a farm, strictly speaking, just a few paddocks holding the usual farm animals – lots of sheep and goats, chickens, some very friendly donkeys and a couple of pigs.

The animals were well used to being fed by visitors so were always close to fences. Arthur loved that he could get so close to them and almost touch them while Betsy loved the donkeys, but far preferred the two sand pits and miniature train ride.

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The railway was lovely actually. It goes pretty fast for something that sounds like a lawnmower and the driver was a sweetie, inviting the children on the train to help him change the points towards the end of the ride (there were only three kids though!) and letting Betsy have a sit in the cab afterwards too which she was pleased as punch by.

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There was also a tractor ride that we jumped onto, but the absolute highlight of the day was visiting Bloody Hollow, the adventure playground. It’s a pretty impressive playground with a big zipwire, the usual slides and climbing frames all under trees and picnic tables, but in the centre is a model of Hatfield House itself, climbable and with two floors to explore, Betsy spent almost an hour pretending she was in Elsa’s palace – she was in heaven and keeps on asking when we can go back.

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Living Arrows

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