You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
– Khalil Gibran

Living arrows

Arthur’s really getting into animals at the moment and he spent ages looking at the meerkats at Capel Manor Gardens earlier this week. He’d spot them and point and sort-of say ‘look’. He’ll do that to anything of interest and it all seems to be animals at the moment – from dogs being walked, our cat, fish in a pond, flies. He had the best time chasing pigeons this weekend.

Betsy Horse Riding (2 of 5)

Betsy had her first ever riding lesson this week! I say lesson, it was part of Enfield council’s yearly incentive to get kids trying out various sports. There are taster sessions of all types of sports, Boo had great fun trying out athletics the previous week and I need to get organised and sort out some gymnastics and trampolining. Horse riding involved being walked around the local riding school and generally getting used to being on a horse. Unsurprisingly Betsy loved it, she loved that she walked off “into a forest” and that her pony was white with a dyed pink mane and tail. A three year old’s dream!

Living Arrows


  1. Reading that little description of Arthur made me tear up a bit… my little girl (just turned 16 months) is obsessed with animals at the moment, especially birds. We take her to the aviary in the park near us and she shouts “look” at anyone who will listen to her.

    I think she’d get on well with Arthur!

    Betsy looks so sweet in her riding gear. Love that her pony’s hair was dyed pink. A real life My Little Pony! 😉


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