The perfect floral crown DIY for May day, midsummer and festivals

Floral crowns seem like the definitive summer accessory don’t they? There’s just something so lovely about them. Luckily they are also super easy to make, once you have your supplies; I knocked up a couple for the kiddos in one afternoon so they had something to wear for their Easter egg hunt, so this is a perfect May Day craft. Fresh flowers and foliage are obviously best, but I used silk and paper flowers for longevity. The method is the same though. You’ll need some garden wire, floral tape, foliage, flowers and that’s it.
I got all my supplies from Hobbycraft and I think we’ll be wearing our crowns for May day, midsummer and I kind of want to go to all the music festivals now too.

The perfect floral crown DIY for May day, midsummer and festivals

A quick note about floral tape if you haven’t used it before (I hadn’t before now and assumed it was like a washi tape). This stuff is weird. It’s not sticky as you unroll it and there’s a stretch to it too. To make it sticky just stretch it or a bit and you’ll feel the sticky appear. I found the best thing to do was once I had cut a piece off, give it a little stretch first, then start wrapping the tape around your flower (or wire, or anything) while giving the tape some tension. It rips quite easily, so don’t pull too much!

Create a circle of wire the same size if your head and tape the ends together. I used two loops of wire for strength, but I think one would be okay too.


Then get any leaves or green material and tape them to your crown base.


Then tape your flowers up making sure the ends of any wires are totally covered by tape so you don’t get poked in the head.


And that’s it. You can make your crowns as simple or as full as you like and feel free to add other things too. Betsy also has plastic flowers, beads and a butterfly wired into hers. Arthur had a simple crown with just a few Ivy leaves with some small paper flowers


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    Serviced Apartment Lady

    3 May, 2016

    These are perfect, better than the flower crowns you can buy on the high street now.


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